The Triple Goddess:
Maiden, Mother, Crone

The image of the Goddess we revere in Wicca is based on the acient one whose worship can be traced to the paleolithic. Lets make clear that the use of the word image here is not of the usual religious icon, but of an archetype. The reason why I'm using a more prosaic word is simply because I don't want to confuse those reading this article that are not familiar with jungian psychology terms.

The Trinity or multiplicity of the Goddess can be traced quite a long time before christianity, and it wouldn't be too bold to risk the idea that one was the origin of the other. But, not as in christianity, in Wicca the Trinity refers to three different states or aspects of the same entity. Entity which is, in turn, the feminin aspect we can discern from the Divine.

Each of this aspects has it's characteristics, making it quite distinct from the others, each of them possible to be related to inner aspects of our psyche. These images of the Maiden, Mother and Crone have appeared and been revered by humanity for millenia, sometimes appeared in myths that were obviously obscured by the conquests matriarchal societies suffered.

An example that can get us closer into understanding this about the three aspects is to imagine each of them as a facet in a precious stone. We can view each facet on it's own, and wonder at the way it refracts the light, but if we really want to comprehend it all, we need to step a little aside and see it as a whole. And even then, there is always an aspect that remains hidden. Observation and meditation on each of these facets is a door that can open ourselves to the echoes and resonances of each reflection on our inner self.